Piano Instruction Resources:

Circle of Fifths

One Octave Scales

Major Scales, Major Arpeggios, and I-IV-I-V7-I Chord Progressions

Harmonic Minor Scales, Minor Arpeggios, and i-iv-i-V7-i Chord Progressions


Fifths Exercise


Practicing in Rhythms

Rhythm: Note and Rest Values

Lines and Spaces

ii7-V7-IMaj7 exercise

Black Key Scales Starting Finger Chart

Arpeggio Fingering Patterns

Resources for Educating Blind Music Students:

Janna Saslaw, “Teaching Blind”: Methods for Teaching Music Theory to Visually Impaired Students

Resources for Educating Dyslexic Music Students

Music and Dyslexia: Information from the British Dyslexia Association

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